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I came across two interesting blog posts recently on the Reality Parenting blog over at Real Mums.  The two posts Breastfeeding in Public – aren’t we forgetting something? and the follow-up post Breastfeeding in Public – Misunderstood? looks at women’s opinion on breastfeeding in a totally different way.  The posts suggests that women can be a little too sensitive about how people react to breastfeeding in public and quick to feel the disapproval of others.  

Quoting from the article:  “Why is it that soooo many Mums are, quite frankly, paranoid when they are feeding bubs in public? Unless anyone actually comments directly about the feeding, why assume that it’s the problem?  Maybe they don’t like what you’re wearing. Or your hair. Maybe you got them on a bad day. Hey, how’s this for a thought … readical as it may seem … maybe it has nothing to do with you at all!”

What do you think? What has been your experience? Have a read of the articles and let us know what you think?

With the Australian government sent to announce the introduction of 18 weeks Paid Maternity leave in Tuesday’s budget, what you think? Do you agree with the proposal or think it is too expensive in today’s economic climate? VOTE NOW and share your thoughts below! P.S. As followers of this blog will know, I’m a long-time supporter of paid maternity leave and am very excited by the latest news!

Breastfeeding can be an isolating experience. A new mum, breastfeeding for the first time, can feel cut off from family and friends if they are unsupportive or simply do not understand her motives.

All too often it is assumed that a breastfeeding mum will scurry off to do the deed behind a locked door and well out of sight. And God forbid she utters the phrase, “I’m Breastfeeding!” Men avert their eyes and women smile as they shuffle their feet and move the conversation swiftly along! So much for breastfeeding support amongst peers!

Most mums choosing to breastfeed their babies do so because they have been made aware of the lifelong advantages of breastfeeding. But when it comes to the task itself, many feel they have no-one to turn to for information and advice when things are not going as planned. For that reason, a lot of breastfeeding mums give up breastfeeding prematurely.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusively breastfeeding babies for the first six months of their lives. But many are only breastfed for a few days or weeks.

It is vital that breastfeeding mums have a supportive and informative network of people to ask for help.

And that is where Breastfeeding Support Groups come into their own.

A well-organised breastfeeding support group will cater for a variety of women from varied backgrounds. It will educate women thinking about breastfeeding whilst they are pregnant and it will also cater for novice and more experienced breastfeeding mums.

Breastfeeding support groups allow women and their babies to come together in a relaxed atmosphere, to enjoy congenial conversation. Women are encouraged to discuss breastfeeding issues and, as a result, breastfeeding mums help one another to bypass barriers placed along the path.

Breastfeeding mums need to talk about breastfeeding in order to bring their experiences into the wider community. It is only by chatting about breastfeeding in an open and honest way with one another that it will become more acceptable. If more women are given the opportunity to access breastfeeding support groups then breastfeeding statistics will surely rise.

And who knows, maybe today’s breastfed babies will become confident breastfeeding mums of tomorrow, free of the hang-ups prevalent in today’s society regarding breastfeeding!

Sinead Hoben is the proud mum of three beautiful children aged 6 years, 3 years and 9 months old, all of whom were breastfed. A qualified teacher, she now runs her own website,, offering breastfeeding information and advice to both breastfeeding and expectant mums. Visit her blog, to read her musings about setting up and daily life as a busy mum!

Well here’s another story about a celebrity who attributes their rapid weightloss after birth to purely breastfeeding. Now I understand this to a point – I was lucky enough to lose all my extra weight  thanks to breastfeeding. However, it was over a much longer time frame and not 4 weeks!!!

For those a little sceptical about the celebrities’ breastfeeding weight loss claims check out this great article Naomi Watts’ Secret to Losing the Baby Weight.  The author makes a great point, that nursing isn’t the magic pill to losing baby weight that quickly.  Make sure you also check out the reader comments below – some very good views from real women.

At this time of year when everyone is setting goals and resolutions, I wondered about breastfeeding goals. How long do you plan to breastfeed for, or how long did you breastfeed?  Often when we start out, our goals might be to last weeks, days or even hours!  Often we can surprise ourselves when we finally get it together or on the other hand feel like failures when we fail to reach ‘set goals’.

What did you experience? Fill in the poll and share any comments with the rest of us!

Here’s a great clip I found on how to breastfeed discreetly in public wearing a nursing top. 


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